Steeped in history,
distinctively American.

Tennessee Whiskey, American Rye Whiskey and Bourbon are surging in popularity around the world, as adults everywhere discover the rich, complex flavours of true American whiskey.

Few spirits can compare with American whiskeys for rich, full-bodied taste and flavour complexity.

American Whiskeys stand apart from other whiskeys because of both their ingredients and production methods. Most American Whiskeys are produced using mainly corn, wheat or rye.

The American Whiskey includes Tennessee Whiskey, American Rye Whiskey and Bourbon. Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey have been recognized internationally by 46 countries as distinctive products of the United States.

Bourbon is a whiskey produced using at least 51 percent corn and is aged in charred, new white oak barrels, and can be made anywhere in the United States. However, most Bourbon is made primarily in the state of Kentucky, which is known for its unique limestone water. Tennessee Whiskey is made using production methods very similar to those for Bourbon, with two important differences: 1) it may only be made in the state of Tennessee, and 2) it goes through a separate charcoal filtering called the “Lincoln County” process.

American Whiskeys typically feature corn to yeast notes, along with subtle caramel and vanilla notes from the barrel, and even spicy notes in the case of rye-based spirits. The Bourbons tend to be viewed as sweeter and the ryes tend to be spicier.

Thanks to the broad taste portfolio in American Whiskey, there are products to please every palate. It appeals equally to men and women, and new variants even include hints of honey, maple or apple for those who prefer flavoured spirits. Because of their distinctive flavours, American Whiskeys also add depth and unique taste to many cocktails.

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A proud history

From the colonial era, where whiskey had an important economic and social function, to the Whiskey Rebellion, through Prohibition and into modern times, spirits have played a controversial but always fascinating role in the American nation’s history. With a multitude of historic distilleries dotted around the nation, including George Washington’s Distillery first opened at the historic Mount Vernon in 1799, the history of American whiskey distilling dates back hundreds of years.

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How to appreciate American whiskey

Take it slow. Try serving it neat, first, and at room temperature.

Enjoy the golden to rich brown colours and the aroma before rolling a sip around in your mouth to savour the distinctive notes. Discover the characteristics – from caramel and vanilla notes through to floral or woody notes.

Then add a splash of water or an ice cube to open the aromatics.

But after you’ve appreciated the distiller’s art, there’s no real ‘right way’ to enjoy American whiskey, say the experts. Whether you prefer it neat, with water, on ice or in a refreshing cocktail, American whiskey is about enjoyment.

And whether you prefer a robust whiskey, a slightly sweeter Bourbon, a spicier Rye, or even a new flavoured whiskey, the best way to enjoy your American whiskey is the way you like it, surrounded by friends.

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